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May 2021

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Horoscope May 2021, Yes May
The intensity and changes do not quit. May 2021 holds Mercury, Venus, and the Sun all moving into Gemini. This is not unusual for these faster moving planets, but it is interesting how Mercury and Venus are tag-teaming it through April and May to be conjunct the last weekend of April and May. Then Mercury goes retrograde late in May. This reads as days to figure out and express feelings.

The New Moon May 11th is notable for its sextile to Neptune in Pisces. All New Moons are about setting intentions and new beginnings, but this one with the Taurus to Pisces connection is especially positioned an initiative of healing and compassion. It contributes to making much of this month an important time for improving relationships and finding ways to contribute to the common good. Jupiter makes its way into Pisces, too. Another big emphasis upon compassion, creative imagination, service, and spirituality. Before Neptune was discovered and eventually absorbed into Astrology, Jupiter was considered the ruling planet of Pisces. It really moves through Pisces next year, but we have about 12 weeks where is dips into Pisces, then it goes retrograde and leaves Pisces to go back into Aquarius. This is a little preview of what it will be like with the building movement towards care and support for people, which will have a greater impact next year.

Saturn goes retrograde on May 23rd, which is not that notable or noticeable in itself, however it is a part of all 5 of the social and modern outer planets being retrograde for about 8 weeks this Summer. More about this in another write-up. But for now, it is showing that there is some relief or a little bit of the pressure being off.

The Gemini to Sagittarius Full Moon on May 26th is a Total Lunar Eclipse. It is in totality for much of Australia and New Zealand and folks in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Where I am, in Victoria, BC the Moon is exact Full and in Eclipse at 4:14am PDT. It will be visible to some extent all along the Pacific Rim. With this emphasis upon these locations there is sure to be some severe weather and tides. Of course, us humans are mostly made of water and we will be feeling some strong emotional tides, too. This Total Eclipse in the Gemini to Sagittarius polarity shows that opinions and beliefs are changing, which results in a wave of change in bigger legal, cultural, and economic systems over the next several months.