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1: cPanel Web Hosting, VPS Solutions, Domains and SSL Certificate
Address: PO Box 28123 Westshore RPO
Victoria BC V9B 6K8 Canada
Map: MapQuest Map Location
Description: Back in 1992 when we first launched, the world wide web was just starting out and was virtually unheard of outside of academic circles. Our business was mainly in providing dial-up access to things like e-mail, newsgroups, FTP, and Gopher. As the web emerged we started hosting web pages for customers. We had to design and program most of the software used to manage and maintain web sites ourselves. Years before PHP was conceived of, we even created our own custom programming language for generating and driving web pages called M-Script (still in use by some folks!) As time went on we continued to use custom control panels that we designed and refined. Our focus shifted more and more towards web design and hosting and away from providing internet access. Today, we don’t provide any internet access at all. We recently looked at all we’ve done and said to ourselves, “If we could start over now, how would we do it?” So we did. Using industry standard tools and software that are more familiar to folks who have used other web hosting services, we’ve built a completely separate service under the name “Islandhosting”. Islandhosting runs on different hardware housed in a different data centre. It has faster connections to the rest of the Internet, a faster and simpler infrastructure design, built-in DDoS protection, more products and services to choose from, more resources for clients (like disk space and bandwidth), discounts for annual payment, an affiliate system that pays you cash, and on and on. But one important thing remains the same. The people. Need help with your e-mail or web site? You can still call and talk to the same people and get the same great service.

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