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Week of May 26, 2017

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Venus starts the weekend in a square to Pluto. Having us move through once again the challenges between how we relate to ourselves and what our desires are and their relationship with career and responsibilities. If our goals and structures we have built around ourselves are aligned with soul. This square draws attention if we are not feeling satisfied with life. Its energy is impulsive and ready to move. It wants us to carve our own unique path while remaining a part of the whole. To find meaning in being a piece of the universal puzzle. Pluto in Capricorn is about realignment. Giving us an opportunity to recognize what we truly want out of life and how we want to live it.

Venus also moves into conjunction with Pallas Athena, Eris and Uranus while trining the North node and Saturn retrograde. Connecting us deeply with our individuality and igniting our inner fires! It is time to individuate. To follow what makes you rejoice being alive. To express and live life from a place of pure authenticity. Giving us sparks of wisdom while inflating/ deflating what is just not true. It is time to not just talk the talk but to walk the walk! We are being supported in making some progress. It is all about integrity and being at the helm of the ship of your life. Be brave. It is a wild ride.

The Sun exactly opposes Black Moon Lilith on Friday. Our identities are facing radical truth. Our need to recognize our shadow is so deep that our projections may be manifesting all around us. Utilize this energy to recognize what part of yourself your afraid of. What has been demonized or suppressed. It is important to see them within and hold space for them. To see how they are a piece of the whole we cannot divorce from. The more we try to separate ourselves from our shadow the stronger it becomes. Lilith wants us to let our true colors shine through. Even if it is hard for everyone to accept.

The Moon is in Gemini on Friday connecting with Mars opposing Saturn rx and squaring Chiron. Watch your temper it maybe easy to react. It is time to communicate some anger and to drop some truth bombs. Be mindful and respectful. It is easy to get carried away or defensive. Try to communicate from a understanding place and recognize we all have wounds that are being triggered. Channel that energy into something productive or burn it off though exercise.

The Moon enters Cancer on Saturday first trining Neptune then opposing Pluto on Sunday. We may feel extra sensitive or emotional. Neptune is wanting us to see the illusions we have around our ego. To see how our imaginations help shape reality. Starting with how we feel. Pluto is deep and wants us to stay grounded while being open. Balancing the opposites of soul and spirit. We can only do that with cooperation also from the ego and our inner being.

She then enters Leo Monday and on Tuesday joins the Grand trine. It is a day to deeply feel into this energy. To speak from within and to call upon new experiences that carry us forward. It is about recognizing what feels right. Harmonizing our intuitive nature with how we carry out action. This electrical energy is stimulating us on such a personal level. Let the purifying fires burn away what is no longer needed. It is a time of rebirth.

Lilith retrogrades back into Scorpio and on Tuesday exactly squares the nodes. Bringing us to look and see if we have skipped any steps on our path. Where we need to face issues around intimacy and love. Calling forth our demons we may have tried to hide. It is about resolving what we have been holding down below the surface. We need to learn to let go and trust. Find relationships that has no need for secrets. To recognize the profound mirror that committed relationship brings. Uniting through sacred sexuality or depth psychology. This energy is about getting down into the souls roots. It is then we can see our mistakes and learn from the past. If we can be humbled by these experiences than we can reach our highest potential. The North node will help us get to where we need to go we just have to out our heart into it and remember to laugh.

Mercury trine Pluto retrograde and Juno rx exact on Wednesday. It is a wonderful time to unite mind, body and soul. To get grounded and practical in how to make baby steps towards your vision of the future. Its time to transform and to realign from within. Readjusting and maintaining ones presence on earth. Being in the hear and now. Using all ones senses and wisdom to face the co dependency in unhealthy structures we face in everyday life. To see where we have been stubborn and may need a shift.

Moon enters Virgo on Wednesday squaring the Sun and Ceres on Thursday. This aspect wants us to surrender control but also be discerning. To recognize bullshit when we see it. To radiate out new ideas and perspective but to not get caught up in distractions. Ceres wants us to be grounded and cultivate ideas and logical information. There is just so much out there these days we need nurture a healthy filter but also not avoid important subjects. Ceres wants us to take care of our mental/emotional health. To find healing paths though new perspective.

Astral insights by Angela van den Hooven. Contact her through fb at Soul Compass Astrology or soulcompassastrology@gmail.com.