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Week of Apr 21, 2017

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Saturn retrograde square Venus and Chiron remain in a tight square this week while getting support from Ceres. She wants to teach us how to nurture ourselves and our relationships. That our wounds are reflected in the way we are in relationship with the earth. Saturn shows us that there is consequences for our actions just as Mother nature continues to react to the immense abuse society has and continues to do to her. This shows us how deep our wounds truly are. That many of us are disassociated do to trauma. Caught in a cycle that goes back many generations. Saturn wants us to work on ourselves. Venus says that we need to do this with unconditional love. Ceres wants to help us renew. Supporting us in our transformation in how we relate to ourselves, others and the earth. She wants us to be grounded so we may reach our highest potential. That by healing ourselves we help heal the earth too. To tune in every time we catch ourselves checking out. To face our addictions and to be receptive to the truth.

Pluto retrograde and Juno square Jupiter retrograde has been wanting us to listen and reflect. That to find justice and balance we need to look at what is no longer working. That there are many outdated structures that need to change. Crumbling beneath our feet yet rigidly hanging on. We need to see the laws that society has created and how that has shaped us. On a collective level as well as a personal level. Pluto is showing us our mistakes and where we need to evolve .Juno is showing us that we are committed to the earth. That we need to heal the power struggle. To compromise without compromising our integrity. To rediscover a healthy relationship with power and being our own inner authority.

Mercury continues the review on communication and what kind of mind frame we are in. What's the feed back our mind is giving us? Are we speaking from the heart and being authentic? Mercury wants to give us the messages that we have missed. To take our time and be mindful in our actions. To cultivate our inner fire and passions. Mercury working with Uranus and Eris squaring Vesta is teaching us that we can use our traumas to fuel great metamorphosis. Connecting with our anger and channeling it into healthy creative expression. That we can be a peaceful warrior. Devoted to standing up for what is right and actively participating in the community. That to take care of our home life we can't just ignore corruption around us. Otherwise it will eventually trickle into our own lives. Mercury is helping us understand healthy measured movement in confrontational situations.

Mars square the nodes is drawing us to see how our intelligence and logic help shape how move through life. That there is always room for new ideas and improvement and that we need to be mutable to evolve. Learning from the past to cultivate wisdom. The future that we want to create takes hard work, mindfulness and soul.

The moon on Friday enters Pisces and the dynamic energy with Mars and the nodes. Drawing unconscious emotions from the past up to the surface. Be careful not to get stuck in your head and try not to beat yourself up for any past mistakes! If we can find compassion for ourselves then we can have better self esteem. Security that comes from within.

Moon enters Aries on Sunday. Bringing us energy to really feel. Direct and blunt energy a times. Try not to take it personally if you have a confrontation or get triggered. Try to lead by example and take the high road!.

Moon enters Taurus sextiling the south node on Tuesday. Then early morning Wednesday the moon meets the Sun for a new moon. Time to plant the seeds of Spring. To set new intentions and let beauty inspire us. To let our souls define what beauty is for us personally. Allow what is within to radiate out.

Astral insight overview by Angela van den Hooven. Contact her on FB at Soul Compass Astrology or email her at Soulcompassastrology@gmail.com.