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Week of Jul 21, 2017

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My deepest apologies for missing last weeks overview. Moving was more hectic than anticipated with unexpected challenges. Thanks for your patience and understanding. The good news is a will not be moving again! Phew!

The Moon starts the weekend off in Cancer trining Neptune. She then squares Jupiter and is also opposite to Pluto. Relationship dynamics versus personal needs continue to have tension. Especially when Pluto may be pulling any Metaphorical rug out from under you. Have you got the message yet? Neptune is helping us to see our illusions and how our experience is subjective. Dissolving the boundaries Neptune shows us our unconscious and through all the chaos a natural magical order. One of infinite potential and possibility. But we have to bring awareness to our thoughts, ideas and dreams because they ultimately shape our reality. Listen and trust your intuition for it is here to guide you. Pluto in Capricorn has been making its presence known. If it is time for something to come to a close it is doing so not so quietly or it is crumbling before your eyes. Capricorn (and Saturn) symbolize reality and the boundary to the physical world. Which is undergoing a deep transformation (Pluto). Try not to resist what is. Be present with the feedback from the universe. We may be feeling sensitive but receptive. We have the potential to be moving forward in the school of emotions.

Moon and Sun trine Chiron Saturday motivating us to nurture ourselves and to take the time to have some soul medicine. Give yourself permission to do something that makes your heart happy. That honors your authentic self. Do whatever has been put on the backburner. Allow yourself to heal through the experience of saying yes to your soul!

The Sun enters Leo on Saturday conjuncting Mars. Heating things up and shifting the energy from homebody vibes to expressive and passionate energy with an extra level of intensity due to Mars. The beginning of a very fiery trend for the rest of the month and for all of August. The Moon following quickly behind entering Leo on Sunday for the first of two Leo New Moons in a row. Which is a fairly rare occurrence. It is once again time to set intentions but also be proactive. We have take action if we want something to happen. We may have to wait for lifes invitations but it is up to us to respond. Our instincts will be strong but so will our triggers. Think conscious action not reaction! It may be easy to lose our temper or fall into narcissistic wounded child behavior. But it can be as equal of an opportunity to pave a new pathway and overcome the old reactive battle wounds.

Venus opposite Saturn rx is exact on Monday! Echoing Relationship themes. Saturn is reminding us that relationships can be hard work. Our belief systems can strongly effect and help shape the quality of them, for better or worse. Saturn in Sagittarius reminds us that our intuition of our body is wise if we listen to it. Venus in Gemini also wants to be logical. Our highest potential is somewhere in the middle. In the end we need both. Venus in Gemini wants to learn and communicate. Saturn needs to make sure he is not being blinded by unhealthy beliefs and Venus needs to try not to over analyze. How we relate to ourselves and one another and our mind can find harmony with Saturn teaching us how to respect all things and life. And if we are open minded we will never stop learning.

The Moon conjuncts the North node on Monday and Mercury Tuesday. Putting a lot emotion and thought into were we want go. Helping us to move towards something that feels good and gets us excited about life. We are learning to express ourselves like never before. Let what is on the inside out!

The Moon enters Virgo on Tuesday followed by Mercury. Helping us to gather some focus to organize and prioritize. The shift into Virgo can help ground any good ideas that have be floating around. Giving us the ability to discern what is working and what is not. Try not to get too judgmental! It is a good time to put some good love into your body and give it some healthy love.

Venus trines the South Node on Wednesday helping us to overcome our relationship delusions of the past. How our mistakes and old patterns can be the source of a deeper wisdom. How past experiences were part of the pathway to loving ourselves. Our ability to take in information and learn helps us to overcome these challenges. Giving us the ability to see new potentials.

Moon enters Libra on Thursday giving the relationship themes an emotional surge. Our emotional well being can sometimes get the back seat. If our feelings have been ignored in the relationship front then they may emerge! Allow them to be heard, your needs are valid. All must be acknowledged for true balance. Connect with those who can hold space for you and try to return the favor. We can strengthen our relationships through emotional support.

Astral Insights overview by Angela van den Hooven. Contact her at Soulcompassastrology@gmail.com or on fb as Soul Compass Astrology.