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Week of Feb 24, 2017

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This week holds the second eclipse in a couple weeks. These usually arrive in groups of 2 or 3, and this little eclipse season packs big significance. The last few Horoscope columns have talked about them and the previous Lunar Eclipse with the Full Moon February 10th. Sunday's Solar Eclipse with the New Moon in Pisces is an important marker in life for individuals and for humans on Earth. The character of this eclipse is described by It being at the Pisces New Moon, and the strong planetary aspects, which accompany it.

The same day as the New Moon Solar Eclipse Mars is conjunct Uranus in Aries, then the next day Mars in Aries opposes Jupiter in Libra. The big aspect of Jupiter in Libra oppose Uranus in Aries is emphasized by this eclipse and it is exact on Thursday. This aspect is exact 3 times through this opposition in their mutual cycle. December 27, 2016, March 2nd, and again September 27th. We noticed it around the holidays last year, we notice it this month, and around the end of September. What it represents is the empowerment of individuals and our desire for adventure and independence, and how that is naturally at odds with cooperation with others in mutually beneficial networks for shared purposes. In December of last year the aspect was in full force, This time Jupiter is retrograde, and next time, in September, Uranus is retrograde. It is as though first the question is posed, then the need for independence is more dominant, at its close the need for cooperation is more dominant. All this emphasized by eclipse on Sunday, Mars aligning with Uranus, and the exact aspect on Thursday. We are encouraged to stick up for ourselves and each other. Rules and methods can be adapted to work better for communities and groups.

On Wednesday March 1st the Sun conjuncts Neptune in Pisces. Therefore, the Eclipse was aligned with Neptune with a difference or orb of 3 degrees and a few minutes (corresponding to 3 days). Neptune is in Pisces 2012 to 2025. It represents a dissolution of borders and distinctions, an immanency of the spiritual realm, and inspiration. People in general are growing into a broader spiritual perspective. The veils between the 3D physical realm and the spiritual realities are thinning. For some this is a source of confusion and illusion. For some it is tremendously inspiring.