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Week of Sep 22, 2017

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Happy Mabon/ Fall Equinox! Where night and day are nearly of exact same length and the Sun crosses the equator. A good time to reflect on what we are grateful for and do something symbolic!

Moon enters Scorpio Friday opposite Pallas Athene Saturday square the Nodes Sunday. Going deep in psycho analytical scorpio. You may need sometime for intimacy and connection. She comes into an opposition with Pallas Athene Saturday teaching us that we need to love ourselves by making appropriate boundaries when needed but also find the places were we need to compromise with our intimate partners. To find the wisdom to be honest with ourselves and those we love and may be afraid to rock the boat with. We may be craving sex and sensuality or to connect with our own body. Others may experience the shadow of around intimacy, sex and secrets so that it may be faced. The Moon then comes into a square with the Nodes. Where themes around authentically expressing ourselves and old patterns around community and isolation come into play. Especially in their connect to intimate relationships. Are we co dependent and act differently in community when we are in a relationship? Do we disconnect from our friends or change ourself to what we think our partner wants? Crisis and issues may arise reflecting the inner turmoil around these themes. Allow yourself to process what is needing space. Let the ugly cry out! Learn from the past and move forward in a new authentic way. We are all in this together.

Sun enters Libra Friday squaring Black Moon Lilith in Capricorn. Identity themes continue this week but shift more into who we are in relationships (romantic, friendship, family, enemies). How who we are is reflected back at us through relationship. Which we can learn and grow from immensely and can help us understand our projections. We may also see how we have been too much of a chameleon and changing ourselves to fit everyone elses needs but our own. This is also a time to listen. To listen to the “other” and better understand those that are different from ourselves. What ever has been surpressed and repressed may show its face. Especially if the suppression and repression has been from the structures that we have been born into. Let yourself shine! Be creative and strive for balance (without being hard on yourself if life is really unbalanced right now). Find the peace that comes from within and radiate out!

Mars opposite Neptune exact Sunday. Potentially decreasing our energy levels and our drive with a little bit of fog. It is a good time to connect spiritually through meditation, yoga, dance or being in nature. To penetrate the unseen realms with potential to dissolve any hard edges. Although unconscious behaviours can emerge around how we penetrate the world around us. Are we overly critical and try to control? If your feeling triggered reflect on what is being revealed to you.

Uranus opposite Jupiter hit the same degree Tuesday exact Wednesday. The on going opposition (and T-square but has big orb right now) of 2017 continues. Our desires, passion, instincts continue to have a power struggle with our relationships. Uranus continues to shock us to wake us up, whether it is through unexpected circumstances or being struck by lightening whatever it is our nervous system feels it. The shocks can help reveal so that our consciousness may evolve. Jupiter has been busy magnifying our beliefs in relationships as well as ever body elses beliefs. Urging us to listen and reflect on our lifes philosophies intregity. It is a big time of revelation and inventiveness. Helping us to evolve the way we do relationship but also evolve the way we cultivate our desires throughout the world. That we cannot continue to narscistically move through the world to get what we want unless we want our world as we know it to implode. We need to find the balance of following our passions without destroying everything in our path by putting profit before people, the earth and all of nature. Jupiter oppositions with Uranus throughout history have been known as times of great innovation. Although socially and politically it is looking grim this may be what it takes to push us to new and better ways of being in the world.

Moon enters Sagittarius square Venus and Mars Monday. Experiencing inner turmoil between what we are wanting to experience and what work we need to do. Whether its our relationships, are desires or goals we want to accomplish we are the only ones who can do it is ourselves. When emotionally we are not always into what we feel we have or want to do in the long term. The Sag Moon wants to go out and have fun when unfortunately on Monday most people will be heading back to work or school! Hang in there and try to do one little thing in the day that makes your heart happy. Whether its a nice walk in solitude or a little fire on the beach in the evening sometimes we can squeeze something in!

Moon conjunct Saturn and Black Moon Lilith square Mercury Tuesday. We may come to face a bias belief we did not know existed that has altered the way we think, feel and speak. We may run into communication break downs and clash with others bias beliefs. More may be revealed to us through these experiences. Opportunity to learn more about our shadow and what we are afraid to face. There may be holes in our philosophical structure we are emotionally attached to that we may start to see through. Moon square Chiron on Wednesday reflecting emotional strain from our deepest wounds. If your feeling sensitive try to take some personal time and practise some self care. Journal or seek company from an understanding friend if needed. Allow yourself to move through what is needing to be released.

Moon enters Capricorn Wednesday squaring the Sun. Sometimes we can have inner turmoil when two parts of ourself are not on the same page. With the Moon ready to get to business and get things under control while the Sun is wanting to be creative or to connect with people. If you can find a way to create a bridge between the two then both can be honored. But the Moon is going to have to learn to work with others in Capricorn and the Sun is going to have to not be a push over and have some fun!

The Moon conjuncts Pluto Thursday. Drawing up deep unconscious desires while simultaneously pulling out the rug from under the structures in our lives that are not working. Pluto is making it clear what needs to change. Try not to resist. Use the energy to transform!

Astral Insight Overview by Angela van den Hooven. Find Angela at soulcompassastrology@gmail.com or on fb as Soul Compass Astrology.